Our core values of growth, entrepreneurship, excellence, trust and sustainability not only encompass our business philosophy, but also underline our relationships with all our stakeholders, shape the culture of our company and guide us in our actions and decisions.  Sustainability is integral to our business philosophy. We see the key drivers of our approach as being: proactive engagement with our stakeholders; attracting and retaining the best talent; our provision of a safe and healthy working environment; our focus on using environmentally friendly technologies in all of our businesses and our drive to conserve natural resources.

The tenets, on which our sustainable development is founded, include

  • A well defined governance structure and policy
  • Use of environmentally friendly technologies
  • Environment impact assessment and sustainable practices
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Transparent engagement and communication
  • Independently verified reporting arrangements
  • Social, economic and institutional development of the communities where we operate.