People and Community

Our people are our key asset and drive our overall performance. Our vision is to build a flexible, agile and flat organisation with world-class capabilities and a high-performance culture. Respect for the individual, valuing diversity, fostering entrepreneurship, ensuring an enabling environment and developing a “can do” attitude is a way of life at CMT.

We believe we have a responsibility to engage with the communities in which we operate and to foster their social and economic development. These principles are embedded across the organisation and are a key element of our employee training, development and performance at all levels.

Our people and community policies are to:

  • Be a significant contributor to addressing social needs within the communities in which we operate;
  • Create sustainable partnerships to support our local communities;
  • We are committed to ensuring that our workplaces are free from all forms of discrimination or harassment relating to age, caste, sex, ethnic origin or religion;
  • Manage our businesses in a fair and equitable manner, meeting all our social responsibilities as a direct and indirect employer and respect the human rights of all of our stakeholders;
  • Have robust processes and systems in place to foster leadership development, learning and growth and to deliver value to the organisation and society;
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to report matters which transgress or contravene our Code of Conduct;
  • Ensure that our supplier and customer relationships are conducted in a fair, proper and transparent manner; 
  • Be a responsible and good neighbor;