Exploration and Geology

There are some 22 known ore bodies within the Mt. Lyell mineral field with a diverse range of mineralisation styles. Six major and numerous smaller ore-bodies have been mined to date and large copper resources and exploration potential remain.

Regionally Mount Lyell is located within the Cambrian Mount Read Volcanics, interpreted to have formed in an island arc setting. The principal style of mineralisation within the Prince Lyell ore body, currently being mined, is a disseminated pyrite and chalcopyrite, containing copper, gold and silver. The main Prince Lyell host rocks are felsic lavas and pyroclastics, that have been subjected to low grade metamorphism, strong regional deformation and hydrothermal alteration. Mineralisation is age dated at 500 Mya.

CMT conducts focused near-mine surface exploration on it’s mine lease and exploration leases, and continues to delineate the Prince Lyell ore body which is still open at depth.

The combined proven and probable ore reserve at the Mt. Lyell mine as at 31st March 2010 is 9.5 million tonnes of copper ore at 1.25% total copper.